From: Joseph  El Paso TX  USA
The delivery was surprising fast, the item shipped Sunday and I had it promptly on Thursday. Seeing as this was coming from Australia and would have to go through customs I was a bit worried but it didn’t cause a delay at all. Shipping in my opinion was spot on and without equal.
As for the service, that’s where I’ve become a guaranteed return customer. First, the amount of attention I received in regards to my uncertainty in boot size was catered to to ensure I was almost assured the perfect match even though I was never able to reach an outlet. Second, I appreciate the contract from service when I mistakenly selected the wrong color boots but the correct boot polish. I was contacted which surprised me that an actual person was looking over the order. Luckily I was able to switch boot colors and receive the item I wanted.
Overall your business is amazing and I will be returning as well as recommending it to all associates of mind.  Thank you for the experience.

From: Lars Eriksson  Sweden

I just like to send you guys “Down Under” an email and thank you for an impressive sales experience!
I ordered a pair of boots on Wednesday last week, and today on Monday (5 days later), I have them on my feets!  I will indeed recommend My friends to order from you.

From: Rikard Elstad  Sweden

My boots arrived safe and sound earlier this week and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with them. They look fantastic and fit my feet perfectly! Without a doubt the best pairs of boots I’ve ever owned and on top of that one of the best customer experiences ever. I will be ordering from you again soon and of course refer everyone to you when it comes to RM Williams boots. A friend of mine will be ordering two pairs any day now.   Once again thanks for great customer service and a fantastic product. Looking forward to doing business with you again soon.

From: A.J. Anaya NY USA

I received everything as ordered. The boots are beautiful – better than I expected. I was also impressed with the level of service from your company. I make most of my purchases on-line. The courtesy call was unprecedented, and greatly appreciated.

From: Wayne Sheese Illinois USA
Received the boots today ,they are the most comfortable boots I have ever had. I will be ordering more from you in the future. The delivery time was fantastic ,I will be telling everyone I know about your boots. Thanks again.

From: Jaime Gill UK
For your info the Drover boots are perfect for my feet and I don’t think I’ve spent a whole day wearing anything else since I received them. Your marriage of Yard boot toughness with Blaxland style is my absolute perfect statement of comfort and style in one. I’ll be in touch re a pair of black ‘best boots’ when the heels are worn down.

From: John D. Duncan Georgia USA
I just want to say you run a top-notch business! I didn’t believe that you could have my boots to me in less than a week all the way in Georgia, but here they are. Even having to email a correction from what I ordered, you not only fixed my error but there was no delay whatsoever. I am most impressed! As for the boots, I cannot believe how comfortable they are the very first time you put them on. I’m the envy of everyone at my office now! The product is great, and the service was fantastic. Now I just need to convince my wife that I need another pair!

From: Aaron Hegde California USA
Thanks so much for your wonderful service. I remember the first time I bought my boots from you. I had read all the reviews from the most satisfied customers ever. I got to find out just how true those comments were, when I received my boots. But now, as I order my second pair all I can do is marvel at your amazing service. I was a little confused and ordered an incorrect size from your website. But I could not believe it when I received a call confirming the size of my boots, which helped me realize that I had ordered the incorrect pair. For you to catch the error by looking through your records of my previous purchase is above and beyond what anyone could even hope for, especially from an online store. I will be sure to stop by your retail store and meet you wonderful people on my next trip to Australia. Thanks again.

From: William M. Smith Florida, USA
I was delighted to receive your shipment today containing the RMW French Veal Craftsman Boots. They are magnificent, just the color I was looking for. I now own three pairs of RMW Craftsman Boots all of which are a delight to look at and to ware. They are without a doubt the most comfortable and the best looking boots I have ever worn. My collection of RMW boots should be near complete this coming March when the Black French Veal Craftsman Buckle Boots I have ordered are due. The only thing left will be a pair of RMW full-quill ostrich boots. I will place that order when I have saved the funds to purchase them. In addition, I love the full length drought-buster rain coat w/ hood, Coolabah Hat w/ Croc. Hat Band, the RMW plaited kangaroo belt, the RMW Trophy Buckle, and the moleskin jeans. I am now a proud walking advertisement for R.M. Williams and for Boots On Line.

From: Jens Curtis
I discovered RM Williams boots while on leave to Australia from Iraq a couple of years ago. My wife met me in Sydney for much needed rest and relaxation. She assisted me in purchasing my first pair of RM Williams boots. I fell in love with the fantastic fit, and my wife loved the style. I immediately put miles on them sightseeing throughout the city and the countryside.

My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I said- ” A second pair of boots” and was pleased to find your website. You and your staff should be commended for your outstanding service. Only four days from initial order to front door delivery in the US. I was a bit concerned ordering boots without trying them on, but the fit and finish are as exact as my first pair. Simply Stated: Your product, price and service are awesome.

From: Steve Garger
Just ordered another pair for myself , since I gave my brown boots to my stepson. That’ll make a pair for him, three pairs for me (counting the one I just ordered), four pairs for my wife Kathy, one pair for my friend Joe (who then ordered a pair for his brother and a pair of workboots for himself) and a pair of your WIDE boots for my Hobbit friend, Pat. So there’s somebody in New York who has happily ordered 10 pairs and been directly responsible for getting 2 more pairs of your boots ordered. That’s twelve pairs of boots and I think that should make your comments page!! :>

From: Rob Shayer
Boots arrived yesterday and are perfect (they will get their first outing on my wedding day later this year). May I thank you and your team for an efficient, high-quality, and fully satisfactory service.

From: Rachel Chapel
Thank you very much – the boots arrived this morning and I am already wearing mine!! The ‘leap of faith’ was justified and I shall be recommending you to as many people as possible.

From: Alex
Just to let you know my boots arrived here in the UK this morning. I am now the envy of the office wearing them with my shirt & tie! Many thanks for the excellent service.

From: Troy
I received the boots and belt today and they are great. Everything that I expected. The toe shape and heel was exactly as I had hoped, and the fit is perfect.

From: Paul Thomas
I just wanted to drop you a line to say my boots arrived last week just prior to the bank holiday weekend over here. They fit perfectly. I have never written to anybody before complementing them on their service, it’s probably because, I like you, am in an industry which is client facing and I have extremely high standards. Because of this, I am pretty much disappointed by the levels of service that I get from most companies.

I would just like to say that the service that you give is just simply the best. From e mailing me back with my query on sizes within hours to calling me at home to check that I was who I said I was from a security point of view, to sending the tracking details so I could check the boots on route, to my boots arriving ahead of when they were due. Quite simply its been a pleasure to deal with you and your company. I look forward to buying some more products in the near future.

From: Doug Menuez
You must get tired of hearing this, but these are the best damn boots I’ve ever bought! And I was born in Texas so I’ve been through a lot of boots. I am going to be back soon for a couple more pairs. And the catalog is great with a lot of good stuff too. Thanks for having such a great business.

From: Jacquline Nicholls
Firstly I should like to thank you for the speed with which you dealt with our delivery. The same day I ordered the full length draught breaker from you I order some CD’s from a local company. The jacket arrived today, the CD’s have yet even to be dispatched!

Secondly, for the quality of your goods. They exceeded my expectations and I shall in future recommend your company to all my friends.

But lastly I wish to thank you for the great customer care I received, in your polite phone call and up dating email. Yours is a kind of customer care lacking greatly over here in England, and my family and I will always bare your company in mind when making future purchases.

From: John Adams UK
We received our order today and would like to thank you and your staff for a very professional and speedy service. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company and we will recommend you to our friends and family. The boots, keyring and polish are of really fine quality and we look forward to getting many years of use out of them and we also can wait to buy more items from you. Please thank all your staff. Its a shame that Britain cannot come up with the quality and the service that you offer in Australia.

From: Alan Finlay UK
Received my boots yesterday (Friday). Once again, your service is excellent and i am delighted with the boots.

Your attention to detail when it comes to customer service is the best I have ever experienced. If I can ever justify a third pair, I will be back!! I recommend you to all my friends.

From: cavecanum Astoria NY

Got ’em. Wow, that was quick! It is sweltering in Manhattan and I don’t care. I’m wearing the moleskins and the boots. Unbelievable. It’s as though you had them made to measure. Heretofore it was Levis and Luccheses but from now on it’s R.M. Williams all the way. You will definitely be hearing from me again.

From: parknye Omaha Nebraska
Please forgive me for not writing sooner to tell you how thrilled I was to receive the package from your shop. I have been enjoying the R.M.’s items for several days now and have not had a chance to write and thank you. I don’t even remember the exact day the package arrived but it was very soon after you sent it! And thank you for the catalogue, I am already planning my next order. I think I also forgot to share that I have a Moleskin jacket as well and find it is more than adequate for handling even our cold winters here! So thank you again for your wonderful service. As you can see, I am a huge fan of R. M.’s merchandise and am so happy that I can now order things easily from abroad.

From: MFHLaw Grand Rapids MI
Just wanted to let you know that the boots arrived three days after they left you guys. I am duly impressed with both your service and the boots!! They fit great– exactly as your staff advised on the sizing. In fact, they are much more comfortable than much more costly boots in the same style I tried on last time I was in London. I’m glad I waited and found you for the Real “RMs”. Expect me to order more in the future. A fellow certainly needs to add black and suede and some gardening boots to his RM collection, doesn’t he?

From: LouVC3 Annandale VA
Thanks Barry, got them…love them…very comfortable…highly recommeded dress shoe!!!

From: Kencreigh Washington DC
Incredible. I ordered my boots on Monday afternoon and they just arrived here in Washington, DC – Thursday at 12 o’clock!! They fit perfectly. They’re beautiful. Thanks for such a positive experience.

From: Alicia Surrey UK
Boots arrived and fit perfectly, I cannot believe how excellent your service is. I am already recommending it to all my friends and will shortly be ordering some jeans.

From: saffronj Fayetteville NC
I received my two pairs of boots (Gammon & Gardner) and my moleskin shirt, and I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am. Everyone loves the look of the boots especially the Gammon, and I get many comments. But the best reward is how great they feel on. I had almost no “break-in” period with them. I’m passing your catalog around at work and hopefully you will have more customers signing on.

From: mick06 Chester NJ
Got the boots today, love ’em as usual Thanks so much for such great attention. Stay tuned for the next pair.

From: prosperity2000 Colorado Springs CO
My hat is tipped to a job well done. i received my boots and they are fantastic. I’m a stickler about quality, comfort and fit and your boots get an A+ in all categories. My Academy Award for Best Boots and Customer Service goes to Barry Michaels at Boots Online.

From: spfreeman San Jose CA
Boots received Friday last (Sat p.m. your time) and fit fine. Many thanks for your fine service, and the great product. If Amazon.com could operate their business like you do, they’d actually be making money, but then, we couldn’t have that. Whatever would happen to their stock price?? Thanks again.

From: jamieshap Wayzata MN
Barry I recieved mine and my wife’s boots. I want you to know that we are both very happy with them. They fit perfectly and my wife is also very happy with the syle. This was my first internet purchase and I am pleased to say it worked out perfectly. I am sure you will be hearing from me soon because I think I will need some dress boots.

From: drjacks Bethel Park PA
The boots arrived Friday- DHL provides unbelievable service, two days from Australia. Your boots are the only shoes that rival tennis shoes in comfort- guess that’s why these are my third pair. Also thanks for the new, expanded catalogue.

From: anvilcrafts Redondo Beach CA
My belt arrived yesterday, it is absolutely beautiful (as I knew it would be)! I am LOVING my boots and will for years to come!! Thank you for all of your help and excellent service, it was a pleasure dealing with you, and I still can’t get over how quickly my boots arrived!! I’ve got my eyes on those Desert Santa Fes… Thank you again, and take care!!


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