Testimonials (Page 2)

From: BROWN.JAMES Germantown TN
Barry, got the boots and have finally found what I have been looking for in a boot..the absolute best fit I could possibly have gotten from a boot..and I didn’t even try it on…I would say they fit more like a sock than a boot.

From: David Perry Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire
Just a quick line to thank you for the service your company has offered. A very impressive Web Page with great content. A fast and efficient postal service. But best of all fantastic boots. all the best.

From: anvilcrafts Redondo Beach CA
WOW!!!!! My boots arrived Friday afternoon, about 3PM!!! THAT WAS FAST! Our local mail delivery takes longer. They are absolutely beautiful, so comfortable and just perfect!! I did not want to take them off to go to bed last night. My boss and everyone in the office upstairs were SO impressed, hopefully you will be shipping more boots to our part of the world very soon. What a beautiful catalogue, too, I want one of everything!

From: adriennewooley Beaver Falls PA
I absolutely love my boots!! I can’t imagine how you can get them to fit so well. And I can’t wait to get some more!!

From: ckhatchikian New York NY
My boots arrived today, and I just wanted to thank you for your great service. It really is quite amazing that the boots could get here from the other side of the world in a week without any trouble! They probably would have been here sooner if we hadn’t had all the snow that we had this week in the U.S.

From: nohmane Salt Lake City UT
Rest assured that you have a lifetime customer. Your phone call on the day of my order left me quite impressed that boots on line was a first class outfit that values their customers. Thank you for your personal attention to my order.

From: CPorreca Livingston NJ
Thank you for the update regarding your receipt of my return. Again, your level of service is outstanding. I really love the boots. They are breaking in really, really nicely, and are extrememly comfortable. There may be another pair in the works for me sometime soon. Best wishes for a successful 2000! I look forward to doing business again. I am spreading the word of your products and customer service to my friends.

From: meadow Menasha WI
These boots are not only the most fashionable I’ve ever seen,but also a comfort fit. I wish I had been aware of R M Williams long ago. I purchased several pairs of elastic-side cuban heel boots from other sources in my haste to own what you offered all along. Needless to say, I received ill-fitting footwear of poor quality. Thanks. You have a new customer.

From: oldhome Oneonta NY
Well, I received the boots on 1/10, came home from work and there they were. Tried ’em on, thought ‘not bad.’ Wore them in the house that evening, took the plunge and wore them to work the next day. Wore them ALL DAY, no problem. THought, this is too good to be true, I’ll wear them tomarrow and see if I am crippled. By mid day the 2nd day I knew it was love. They are wonderful, I am in shock that they fit and are starting to conform to my feet. I feel like I have something special and am very happy with the whole experience. It was fun and had a great outcome. Best regards.

From: bgiustina East Hartford CT
Unbelievable!!!!!! Thanks for the boots they fit perfectly and are most comfortable. I love the tracking system you provided we watched them travel from Australia on Tuesday through delivery to Connecticut on Friday, it was so much fun. I’m sure I’ll be ordering more at a later date. Again thanks for the excellent buying experience.

From: SuShore Fayetteville AR
Dear Barry, thanks for the boots!! They arrived this morning. I’m wearing them around the house now–with shorts, since it’s supposed to get up to 90 degrees today (and tomorrow and the next day…) So I probably won’t be wearing them outside for a little while. But oh, how comfortable they are!! If my feet could smile, they’d be smiling. They’re also very beautiful. You were right about the size–they’re perfect.

From: JFruhmann Bethlehem PA
Barry- I was sure from your previous quick responses that you never slept. Now I am convinced. My boots were delivered on 23/6. The fantastic part is that the waybill was dated 22/6. One day from Australia to Pennsylvania! Zounds and gadzooks! The boots are also every bit as fantastic. Thanks for providing the best “world class” service I have ever experienced. I’m sure to follow-up with an order for the ladies in our house.

From: djpanish Norristown PA
Dear Barry: I placed my order for a new pair of boots last Wednesday and I already received them on Monday. That is what I call service and all the way from Australia! This is my first pair of your boots and the reviews were right. They fit great.
My wife thinks they are a little strange looking but that is only because we don’t normally see boots like this in the United States.Thanks for the service. I am looking forward to placing my next order with your for a pair of pants. Take Care.

From: colin.mumford Edinburgh UK
The Woomera boots arrived safely yesterday. Thanks for keeping me informed while you were waiting for them to get to you from R M Williams. Brilliantly useful on the motorbike, and quite a bit cheaper than buying them in the UK.

From: prevans Saint Louis MO
The boots arrived this morning and they are beautiful and fit perfectly. What a small world we live in today. I placed my order over the weekend and it arrived in St. Louis to my delight this morning! One would never know that you are located half way around the world from me! This was a fabulous purchasing experience. My hat is off to you!

From: SWOOD104 Soledad CA
Hi Barry – Wow! That was fast — the boots arrived today! They are wonderful.

From: ediamond Chicago IL
My boots arrived yesterday and i am wearing them today. they fit even better than the last pair I bought. I’ll know for the next pair. The kangaroo leather is awesome, and the shoes smell great. It reminds me of my grandfather’s office of many years ago. He was a salesman who sold shoe finishing chemicals to shoe facotries in New England. You and RM Williams have done it again. It’s funny, because when people ask me where I buy shoes, I say “Austrailia.” The looks they give! Even though I have found a few stores in the US that are now beginning to carry RM Williams, your prices and added value are too good to pass up. Thanks again, Barry.

From: CusDer Decatur IL
you sent them sun am, they got here wed am. around the world in 72 hours. they really do feel as though ive had them for years. bravo. cusder

From: drduck Memphis TN
That has to be some of the fastest shipping I have ever heard of. I had barely gotten your email when the truck pulled up to my house with the boots. The fit is excellent and very comfortable. Thanks for your help. My wife wants me to order her a pair soon. I will contact you about that soon.

From: pip Braintree UK
Just a quick note to let you know that the boots and belt have arrived safely. I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your friendly, speedy and efficient service. We will definitely be doing business with you again as the Missus has decided that she wants a pair!

From: GLawson Brooklyn NY
Dear Barry– It’s little short of a miracle. Wed evening here and I write to you weariing a brand new way way great pair of RMs and brand new moleskin strides (33 might be a bit tight but good incentive to lose a few pounds, and a lesson in never shorting waist size, despite vanity).

From: j_sedgwick Connel Scotland
Barry, Boots arrived last weekend. They are the ant’s pants, the bee’s knees and not to mention the dog’s b*****. They’re so comfortable it’s a sin to take them off. Thanks for the great service.

From: Jim R., Delaware, USA
Hi Barry, I received the boots (B500C- Bushman, Cuban Heel) on Friday, April 2 at 9:00am Eastern Standard Time. Talk about fast! The boots are really great! They look terrific! The quality of the workmanship far surpasses what I expected! The fit is superb, and they’re REALLY comfortable! I’ve been wearing them since I received them with no “break-in” problems! I love them! I’ll be sure to tell my friends about you when they ask where can they get their own pair. Thanks for such a speedy delivery and high quality product!!!!!!

From: dwilcoxe Urbana IL
Wow! The moleskins are fantastic and fit perfectly! I am very pleased! It is very difficult for me to find clothing that suits my tastes and fits properly. I am certain I will be ordering from you again! My only question is, How on earth did my order arrive so quickly?! To go from Australia to Illinois in three days is simply unbelievable! Your service spoils your customers and makes it difficult to tolerate other suppliers.

From: elspethg Inverness Scotland
Many thanks for your prompt and attentive service – I received the boots yesterday and am delighted with them. Thanks for the polish and the very tempting catalogue which I am sure will result in further purchases from you!

From: bruno-5 Paris France
Dear Barry, i just received my boots they are great and fit perfectly i thank you for the service and plan to order again soon…

From: SHill36153 New York NY
Barry- I got the boots today. They’re great. It’s a shock that this whole transaction took place in less time than it would take for me to get to sydney. Its better than shopping. Thanks for making it easy. I’ll spread your name.

From: rbucklo Santa Monica CA
Hi Barry – At first, I had my doubts about ordering from a company halfway around the globe, but after seeing a pair of boots I liked on your Website, I felt I had to try it. Well, my fears were unfounded. You guys are the greatest! I placed my order Sunday afternoon, and by Wednesday morning, I was the proud owner of a new pair of boots. I must say that I am very pleased with the quality of your product and your excellent service. I do plan to order from you again sometime in the future. Until then, thanks again for everything.

From: Carol Putnam Valley NY
Barry, I can’t thank you enough. The hat arrived yesterday. Just what we wanted. Now I have to wait until his birthday in August to give it to him. I hope I don’t forget where I put it. You can be sure we will recommend you to anyone who wants things from Australia. Hope your summer has been fine and you’re the greatest. THANKS.

From: tallulah-rua New York NY
Barry, I got the boots before I got the emailed invoice. They’re great.I’ll call soon for another order. Thanks for your great service, and please say hello for me to the best, friendliest city on earth!