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RMW Comfort Turnout

Please note that these boots are Made to Order . As of April 2020 the RM factory is closed so they won't be made until it reopens. Feel free to order, but it will certainly take a few months. We have lots of stock of the standard Craftsman, Comfort Craftsman and Dynamic Flex boots in black and chestnut.
Manufacturer: RM Williams
€341.11 (EUR)
€295.25 (EUR)
$291.68 (USD)
  • Dress/Casual boot.
  • Yearling uppers
  • Sewn plain longhorn non-slip composition sole and comfort innersole
  • Wide toes (G), X-Wide Toes (H).
  • Black, Chestnut, Dark Tan Leather
  • Black, Chocolate Brown Suede
  • Mens 6-12 (US7-13)
  • Ladies 3-9  (US6-12)
  • Medium (G), Wide (H) or Narrow (F) Fitting

Made-to-Order boots take 10-12 weeks to obtain. Made-to-Order boots cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged.

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Please note that due to the temporary closure of the RM Williams factory in South Australia there will be an extended delay on most Gardener boots (we do have a few in stock). Feel free to order them if you want, we will put them in the order system and they will be made as soon as the factory opens, you will be first in line! Unfortunately we can't give you a date yet but you can be reassured it will open as soon as we can. If you would like to order standard boots, we have a very large stock and will send very quickly.
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