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Made to Order

Please note that these boots are Made to Order .

COVID-19 update: We are open for business and so are our suppliers. There is a lttiel delay in shipping but products are still coming through and the RM Williams factory is open and making great quality Australian Made boots.

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Chinchilla Craftsman (B543U) Made-to-Order 8-12 weeks

$659.00 (AUD) $439.43 (USD) $745.00 (AUD)

Cleve (B525Y) – Craftsman with Block Heel (Made-to-Order)

$595.00 (AUD) $396.76 (USD) $645.00 (AUD)

Blaxland (B543D) Made-to-Order

We are pleased to announce that the RM Williams factory in South Australia is open and manufacturing again.
$560.00 (AUD) $373.42 (USD)

Natural Craftsman Natural Sole (B543Z) Made-to-Order

$568.70 (AUD) $379.22 (USD) $645.00 (AUD)

Bushman Cuban Heel (B500C) Made-to-Order

$517.00 (AUD) $344.74 (USD)

Stockman’s Buckle Boot (B652) Made-to-Order

$550.00 (AUD) $366.75 (USD)

Signature Craftsman (B540C) Made-to-Order

$825.00 (AUD) $550.12 (USD)

Craftsman with Screwed Leather Sole for a Finer Profile Made-to-Order (B543E)

$517.00 (AUD) $344.74 (USD)

Kangaroo Craftsman (B543K) Made-to-Order

$566.50 (AUD) $377.75 (USD)

Turnout with Block or Cuban Heel (B532) Made-to-Order

$517.00 (AUD) $344.74 (USD)

Yearling & Comfort Yearling (B522) Made-to-Order

$564.30 (AUD) $376.29 (USD)

Santa Fe Cuban Heel (B569) Made-to-Order

$517.00 (AUD) $344.74 (USD)

RM Williams Comfort Yearling (B522Y)

$565.00 (AUD) $376.75 (USD) $645.00 (AUD)

Suede Craftsman or Comfort Craftsman (B543S)

$515.00 (AUD) $343.41 (USD) $595.00 (AUD)

Tambo & Comfort Tambo (B549) Made-to-Order

$517.00 (AUD) $344.74 (USD)

RM Williams Sydney Boot

$515.00 (AUD) $343.41 (USD) $654.50 (AUD)