Chrome tanned oxhide. Taken from a mature animal, it is a heavier leather that does not require lining.

Oiled Kip

Heavy chrome tanned hide from a large beast. During tanning, the leather is impregnated with special oils to make it water resistant. Sometimes known as “red” kip.


A fine grained leather from cattle grown through calf stage, but not yet mature. Most suitable for dress or lighter work boots.

Oily Iron

This is a heavy chrome tanned, black pigmented leather. As with oiled kip, the leather is impregnated with water-resisting oils, but it has a slightly “drier” feel.


The strongest leather for its weight in the world. Extremely fine grained, it is as light as a feather and fits the foot like a glove. Chrome tanned, it polishes up to make a winning dress or riding boot.


This soft and supple, fine suede finished, cowhide leather is treated to resist rain, water stains and perspiration marks. When wet, allow to dry thoroughly, then it brushes up to be as good as new.


A stout, matt finished cowhide leather. Its special water repellant chemicals are permanently bonded to each fibre of the hide.


A luxurious suede with a fine nap, an ideal dress leather.

Waterproof Oiled (Sandstorm)

A rugged hi-tech, full grain leather which is water repellant and was developed for outdoor use.


Chrome tanned goat leather. Hard wearing, yet soft and supple to the foot.