Boot Care

Boot Care

It is advisable to keep your boots at least 37.5cm (15″) away from the front of your monitor as the effect of VHF and UHF emissions on leather is still being investigated. Conversely the effect of leather boots on CRTs can be shattering.

To prolong the life of your boots polish frequently with a quality natural wax polish.

For oiled kip work boots regular applications of R.M. Williams’ saddle dressing will be very beneficial. Some boots have been known to smile during the application.

When boots are wet allow them to dry naturally at room temperature – NEVER close to a heat source.

Leather soles will become brittle and crack if dried out close to a radiator or fire.

When dry always apply polish or saddle dressing.

Suede finished leathers require only a good quality suede brush.

Do not use dressing of any kind on the upper.

Alternate with a second pair for longer wear.

R.M. Williams all leather boots are repairable.