Testimonials (Page 5)

From: Jim Adlhoch
I finally wore out my pair of moleskins (after 13 years of constant use!)
If you ever want or need help in marketing these here in Los Angeles, let me know — they are incredible! Some North Americans would cringe about paying $70+ for a pair of jeans; however, if they could feel how comfortable they are, how they mold themselves to you, and how depressing it can be when they finally START to show signs of wear after more than a decade of use, they would buy a pair in, what we call, a “New York Minute!

From: Junji Gomes
Received the boots yesterday and we just want to let you know that we’re very pleased indeed! They were everything we imagined them to be and more! Trust that you will be hearing from us again soon. What can I say? We’re hooked! Thanks once again, Barry.

From: Stephany Cavatoni CA USA
Thanks so much for the awesome boots!! Your delivery was so quick and the boots fit perfectly. I wore them the next day. I am telling all my friends about my great experience. I definitely plan on buying another pair in the fall. Thanks again for the absolutely fabulous service!!!

From: David Goodfriend
I just got back from Ireland and the boots were waiting for me. I really love them. They are beautiful and fit great. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Something this nice is well worth a wait. I suspect that in a couple of years you will be hearing from me again. Thanks again for your fine boots.

From: LederCR
Dear Barry:
I received the Kangaroo Craftsman boots and they are outstanding. They are also a perfect fit (I noticed the sizing was a bit different than the B530’s) and I really like the lighter weight. I can see why you wear them all the time now. I want to order a pair for my son. I will call you as soon as I verify his size. Thanks again and have a great week.

From: Leigh
My boots arrived today and I could not be happier,they fit like a dream.Many thanks for your excellent service and product.

From: Rod Sawyer
I received my boots last friday and they fit perfectly. I appreciate the prompt service. I will refer my friends or anyone curious as to what I have on my feet to you. Thanks

From: Robin Urban
Order received! Thanks for everything, the boots fit great, and the moleskins too. On Fridays my office has “casual day”, and since denim is banned, but nobody here has ever heard of a moleskin before, I plan to wear them proudly.

From: William Forney
I received the boots–they look great (and also very new compared to my old ones!)

From: Joe Budd
Boots arrived last week — perfect fits all around! Many thanks for quickly taking care of this order.

From: Maclain Todd CA USA
I recieved the boots I ordered yesterday and gave them to my mother for her birthday today. She loves them and will wear them everywhere. I was especially pleased with the fast service and reliable product.

From: Bill Gatewood
Received the boots yesterday and I am totally satisfied. I’m looking forward to ordering my next pair from you via the Net. Thanks.

From: Samuel Bercholz
Thank you for the prompt shipment of the RM Williams Craftsman boots. They arrived in less than a week’s time. Amazing! They fit perfectly and all is well. I’ll be using your service again and will recommend it to friends.

From: Arie & Géke
Thanks for a really great coat, I love it! I can also recommend DHL for future use by your company, they called in vain as I was at work. I phoned them and they came around the same evening(8-8-96). I will distribute the enclosed flyers among my friends and collegues, hopefully there is some more business for you.

From: ENS Tyler S Dunaway
I received the boots today and they are perfect. Everything from fit to looks is just what I was looking for. Thank you for your outstanding service and product.

From: Paul L. Isner – San Diego, California
Received the boots….wore them yesterday and the day before–and I LOVE THEM! Honestly can write have never had a pair of new boots or shoes so comfortable on the first wearing. However they are too nice to wear every day. Would you please send me a pair of the WILLS BOOTS in an American size twelve (12)? Again, thanks–you folks down under not only produce some great films for the cinema, you make damn good boots!
Best regards!

From: DRTOGA@aol.com
I really enjoyed using my moleskins in Colorado. I am thinking of ordering some boots or a 3/4 length oilskin.

From: Jeannie Stanley
I really like the Gardener work boots. In the near future, I plan to order another pair.

From: Steve Chapin
Dear Barry:

I happened to be home today when the FEDEX truck pulled up with my order at 10AM with my boots. I was surprised to get them so quickly! They fit perfectly, are great looking and I’ve been
wearing them since I got them. I usually wear American cowboy boots and was happy to find that your Australian boots are just as comfortable. I appreciate your help in insuring I got a good fit. When people admire them I’ll let them know where I got them. I hope to be ordering again from you soon.

From: poldark
I received my black bushmen boots yesterday. As with the brown pair I ordered, I am very happy with them. I now have a pair that will match any clothes I wear. As before, thank you with your help.

From: Alan Hay Durham UK
I’d just like to add my thanks and appreciation to your many happy customer comments. I am pleased to say that I have received my Kangaroo Craftsman Boots, and they fit like a glove and feel like a million dollars (Australian of course!) Thanks also for your kind cooperation and advice regarding arranging delivery to England, in order to coincide with my return home on leave, your timing was spot on. Please feel free to use this email as my recommendation for Boots On Line., your excellent, friendly and helpful sales service deserves acknowledgement, look forward to ordering again in very near future.