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From: Alan L. Karras
The package arrived early on Friday morning–incredibly fast service. All is well with the boots–and thanks for the polish.

From: David Leven
Just a short mail to let you know the boots arrived safely Monday morning. I haven’t had them off since I got them! I don’t think that I’ve ever bought a pair of boots that were so comfortable straight out of the box. Bloody fabulous! Thanks again both for the boots and for superb service.

From: Robert Copeland
I got the boots today (Monday 8-10-98) I will say this, I couldn’t have ordered a pair of anything from within the state o’ Texas and got them under two weeks.You didn’t have my size on hand, you located some and got them right out. Amazing.

From: David Michels
Got my boots yesterday and they are great. Very comfortable, and arrived quicker than I expected. Thanks for your assistance in the virtual fitting room.

From: Nick Henderson
Boots arrived at 9.45am this morning. Timing was perfect as I have a v.important lunch today and my current pair of boots look a bit like the one’s on the cover of the box. Service was impeccable and thanks for the catalogue. I will pass it around the office.

From: Mike Duarte
Thank you for everything. The boots fit great. I was nervous about the size etc, as you know, but now I have ‘No worries.’ The polish is great and I am pumped about that huge jar of Vegemite. Thanks a bunch.

From: Andreas Malmfalt
This must be a record!! I ordered Wednesday and I’ve got my boots today, Monday, it’s pretty far from Australia to Sweden, can it be more far away??, the deliver guy phoned and they were delivered to my home, but there was no problem. I’m impressed!

From: Brian Rance
Barry, thanks a lot. Just recieved my order for two pairs of moleskins and a pair of boots. Definately worth the wait. I’ve now got something decent to wear to work. Hurrah! for boots online.

From: Dr. Hans Schultze-Jena
I want to thank you shortly for sending those R.M.Williams craftsmen boots to Germany, which arrived at my place on the 26th of May in perfect condition. They fit perfectly, too, so I should be well equipped for quite a while from now on.

From: Anders Kraft
It`s monday morning in Halmstad, Sweden, and I just got my Turnout-boots from Linda. Like a child early on Christmas Day I ripped the paper from the box and put the boots on. Perfect. Excellent. Super. Thanks very much for your great service.

From: Lars Jacobsson
Yesterday (tuesday) did our pants arrived in the afternoon with a truck who stopped 4 meters from our door. It took exactly 1 week to get them. I called PDE in Stockholm on monday and they said that they arrived to Sweden on monday. The pants fit so well. We are so pleased. I don’t think it was the last time we ordered clothes from you.

From: Davies, Scott LTC
Barry:We received the hat last Wed. It looks really, really great!! It fits great, and looks good on my daughter. It could not be any more pleased than I am!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

From: Robert Levin
The boots that I received are possibly the most comfortable I have ever worn just out of the box. thanks for staying in such good communication on this.

From: Nicole N
Hi Barry, Thanks for the follow-up call…i really appreciated that level of customer service. Ok…so we totally love the boots. I bought the black ones for myself (absolutely fabulous merger of style and quality)…and the brown ones for my boyfriends birthday. We both think they’re great, and can’t wait for them to have that “worn-in” look…so you can bet they’ll be on our feet every chance.

From: Eric Dezenhall
Barry, I got the boots and love them. Tell me, do you make any like these for men with more pointed toes. I’m spoiling to order more. Also, loved the socks.

From: Karn, James
I received the boots yesterday from DHL. They fit perfectly and I really appreciate the socks. They luck like very good quality. I have already referred your name to several friends. Thanks for everything and I’ll be ordering another pair soon.

From: Helena Hammarberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Barry, The Craftsman boots I ordered were delivered today 24 march at 09.45. They are perfect. Thanks alot. Your service is really great.

From: rdutcher
Barry — boots received this morning (my Friday). Your record still stands, they appear to fit perfectly and are exactly what I wanted. Thanks for your prompt and personalized service. Perhaps I will set a R.M. Williams trend in San Diego. Thanks again for all your help.

From: rob holsen
got the boots yesterday. thanks for your prompt actions. polished them last night and wore them to work today. the fit is excellent and look with a business suit is elegant. Thanks again for your prompt response.

From: Bruce Wells
Just thought I would let you know, I got my order of your bushman boots yesterday and have been wearing them all day today. I usually have trouble with new shoes being comfortable but your boots were comfortable from the moment I put them on, and they look great too.

From: Karen Gustavson
Barry, boots arrived Monday in perfect condition. Your wonderful service is a perfect match for a really great product. Thanks for the opportunity to shop with you via the net.

From: John Scherff
Well Barry, We got the coat yesterday and are sure our friends will be thrilled with it! It took NO TIME at all getting here. My wife already has plans on saving for a pair of boots!

I just got home and put on the Moleskins, Without a doubt the MOST COMFORTABLE PANTS I think I have ever worn!! I really do like them. Thank you for your patience.

From: Martin Snell
Dear Barry
Thanks for your e-mail message last week following my order. I write to confirm that the boots were delivered this morning by DHL at 0845. I am very grateful to have another pair of RM Williams boots and shall certainly place another order with your firm for something else from the catalogue which you have supplied. Thanks you again. With kind regards

From: Paula_Gassmann
Hi Barry. I received the boots this morning. I love them!! First of all, they smelled wonderful. They fit perfectly, and look great. I am delighted.

From: Randall H. Niven
They came on Wednesday. 2 days from Victoria. Not bad. My compliments on your excellent customer service. The boots fit great. Thanks.

From: Angela Huff
It’s here. It’s here. I received my package this week. I thank you for your time and energy. You have made me very happy.

From: Becky Lai
Thanks for the great service and the quality of the boots. They are a very good fit. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

From: Thomas Bäckström
Thank You, the boots arrived ok, and they are superb ! The size is exact, and they are like a dream on my feets. I’ll be back when I need something more from You.

From: Stewart Speer
Just a note to let you know that my boots arrived and are without a doubt the most comfortable boots fresh from the box I have ever tried on. They were tough to get on the first few times but I have a fairly high instep so this was expected. Anyway, they have stretched a bit so now they fit great.

From: Mario Carl, Bonn, Germany
Received my Woomera boots yesterday, they fit perfectly. Just having a pair of Bass which I bought last year in Brisbane, I am now owner of two pairs of RM Williams. They are great and my favourite shoes. Thanks also for the excellent service.

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