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From: MCHUGH Memphis TN
The boots are on my feet this very second. They are fair dinkum (if that is a good thing). They were delivered at lunch time Wednesday. I came home, put them on, and went to show them off. They seem to fit perfectly. I am yet another satisfied customer. Thanks for all of your help with my order.

From: rl11 Sanderson NT Australia
I received the boots earlier this afternoon. They fit perfectly. You may not remember me, I ordered a pair of RM from you back in 1996. And thanks for the shoe polish.

From: gaetano St. Louis MO
I got the boots and the jeans. Thanks. The jeans are great. Today I am going to deliver my present (the boots). Thank you once more for your help and efficiency.

From: ricey Tiverton Devon UK
Barry, they arrived 6pm Monday, incredible and brilliant service. Thanks.

From: brumberg Paris France
HI. Thanks for your mail. The boots are fantastic!!!

From: acrombie Sai Kung Hong Kong
Just to let you know my boots arrived last night. Excellent service.

From: LarryP0555 South Euclid OH
Barry; I have received the shoes you sent, and all I can say is they are all that I expected. They fit well, and look great. I showed them to a friend, who years ago used to make shoes in Europe. He said that they were reminiscent of shoes made in Germany, prior to the war. He was surprised that quality is still alive in this age, and from Australia. Thought I would pass that on. Thanks.

From: bluesho Putnam Valley NY
Thank you for the awesome black Kangaroo Craftsmans. Sorry that it took me so long thank you. My mom got the boots and wrapped them for me. I opened them on Christmas Day. They are very comfortable and look great. By the way, Thanks a bunch for the t-shirt and Vegemite. My supply was running low. If I have to buy boots everytime I need more vegemite I am going to go broke.

From: Ned New York NY
Barry: The boots from Richmond, Australia reached Richmond, VA, and they are a huge hit. Thanks for all of your help and prompt replies. This is the way E-business should be performed.

From: wiggles Apple River IL
Barry, we received the boots from Australia today … thanks so much for allyour help. They are a perfect fit!!! Lyle, my husband, had to put them on and wear them already … said he was breaking them in.

From: m.arrowsmith Brentford Middlesex UK
Just a short note to say how much I appreciate your excellent service. No doubt you’ve had years of dealing with overseas customers but I have to say your approach is truly “global” – I even know what you look like.

From: mark_kelly Dedham MA
The boots did arrive in time for Christmas, with several days to spare. Thanks for your attention to this. My wife loves the boots! Thanks again, count me as another satisfied customer.

From: dgoodfriend Washington DC
Wow! What a beautiful pair of boots. I have never had a pair feel so comfortable from the first wearing. I want to thank you once again for your impeccable service. Thanks for delivering them early (a great X-mas present)

From: univex Downers Grove IL
The Kangaroo Craftsman boots are so cool, I love them. The fit is great and they are so comfortable. I appreciate your help with my order.

From: tonyp Middlesex NJ
Thanks for the great service. I ordered on Friday and wore them to work today. They fit great and the quality is top notch.Once again thanks for the great service. I will be ordering again in the future.

From: lward Ross on Wye Herefordshire UK
Received moleskins and boots on Tuesday 8th mid-day. Could not believe the speed at which they arrived. The boots and skins are fine and thankyou for your help and your trouble in ringing to confirm the order. I thought the line was as clear as a bell considering you were in Melbourne and I was walking in a field of wheat in deepest Herefordshire!!!

From: kmansel Williamsburg VA
My boots were waiting for me when we returned from our Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I LOVE THEM!!!

From: crichr Modesto CA
I recieved my boots on Tuesday. They are a perfect fit and better than I had even expected. Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

From: bonspiel Yonkers NY
Received the boots; a perfect fit. Thanks for taking the time to make my order exact.

From: hendin Dallas TX
Wow that was fast! The boots arrived today, and they’re great. I like the wide toe — my wife and I both think that they look even better than the Macquarie’s. Thanks very much for your help with my purchase. I expect that you will hear back from me within the next few years when I am ready for a pair of kangaroo boots.

From: AWhitehead Highlands Ranch CO
thank you for all of your help and attentiveness to each order. I am always most impressed whenever I have the good fortune to place an order with you.

From: andersso Middlebury VT
Just wanted to you know that I received the boots yesterday. I love them and am wearing them right now.

From: Patrick Dumont
The boots were received, and they’re great. The web page barely does them justice. I look forward to purchasing your products in the future.

From: Annamarie Asher
My boots arrived one week after I placed my order and they are as fine a pair as I have ever seen. They fit perfectly and I really don’t want to take them off. They are beautiful AND sturdy.

Hi Barry…i got the boots …they are fantastic….unbelievably comfortable.

From: Geri Sculley
Two things – 1. Still puzzling over the fact that you can ship boots from Australia and get them here in four days while the local Post Office takes two days to get a letter across town.and 2. How did you get so smart? The boots are the perfect color, style AND fit. No, seriously. They are fantastic. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks again for all your help.

From: Tom Allen
I just wanted to thank you and the people @ bootsonline and @ R.M.Williams. Sending out such an order for the first time made me VERY apprehensive. All of that passed when the package arrived @ my door ~ 2wks later. The boots and coat fit as if they were made just for me. The QUALITY is unsurpassed in anything I’ve seen here in the States.

From: Wilhelm Schroder
I’m really impressed – this is the first time I’ve ordered something on the Net, and I even get an extremely fast reply from you guys

From: Damian Gill
The boots arrived yesterday in great shape.I am delighted with them.You can expect further orders from me,my wife and the kids.

From: David & Cheryl Whitehouse
A very big thankyou for getting our order to us so quickly. Our parcel arrive late yesterday afternoon and it was like Christmas. My neighbour loved her boots so much I think she wore them to bed. She is wanting to get another pair and her husband would also like a pair so we will probably be sending another order through in the not too distant future. Everything else was great, especially the mens shirts.

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